Hey human! We knew you gonna land here because we know a lot about you and your love for us – cats and dogs. You, humans, are very curious creatures, so this is our story to learn.

Once upon a time, cat Zig and dog Zag were wandering through the beaches of Florida, not knowing each other. While each of them was leaving a separate zigzag trace in the sand, they had the same thought on their mind.

They both knew that people love cats and dogs equally and that it would be great to do something about it… something wonderful, a bit quirky and positively crazy, just like human love for pets is. But what could that be?! The same thought was driving them crazy!

However, the gods of all animals had a plan all along. A plan that was aligned and destined. Paths of Zig and Zag were about to cross.  One shiny day both of them were

wandering through one of Miami beaches thinking about their next move… and then it happened! The moment they saw each other from the distance they just knew it!

They recognized the crazy sparkle into each other’s eyes and they knew they are going to do something extraordinary together. Since then, Zig and Zag, cat and dog, are joined with friendship and a common vision. After many long hours of brainstorming and miles of the double trace left on Florida’s sandy beaches, their vision has been embodied in Freaky Pet. They both agreed that without a dose of craziness, there are no extraordinary things…and Freaky Pet was born.

Today, Freaky Pet is adding the crazy sparkle to the pet market, that makes cat and dog owners jump and freak out for joy. We offer a great range of custom-made pet products, which are exciting, a bit quirky, and a bit crazy – just like the sincere love that humans have for us as pets. 


If that was not enough and you are still hungry for information human… watch the video below. :-)