Cats have been worshipped ever since. Even the Egyptians worshipped them and had strong beliefs in their power and impact.

The worship continues and sustains into the digital age, where we hoomans spend hours and hours in the internet, watching for the latest pictures and videos of the renowned and infamous cats that you will see down below.

#1 Monty who was born without a nasal bridge


#2 Cole & Marmelade: Two kittens who have been rescued that became YouTube celebrities


#3 Honey Bee: The blind hiking cat


#4 Venus the two-faced kitten


#5 Lil Bub the perma-kitten


#6 Maru, Master of boxes


#7 Grumpy Cat


#8 Samhaseyebrows


#9 Garfi, the worlds angriest cat


#10 Shironeko, the happiest and most sleepiest cat in the world


#11 Snoopy, the cutest cat ever


#12 Lazarus, the rescued vampire cat


#13 Hamilton the hipster cat


#14 Fukumaru, the nicest cat with heterochromia


#15 Banye, the OMG cat


#16 Colonel Meow, the holder of the world record for the longest hair


# Nala Cat


#18 Kitler: Snowcall the cat that resembles hitler


#19 Zarathustra: The fat cat art cat


#20 Lilu: Thet cool glasses cat

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  1. Hey Kathy!

    thank you for your comment. If you send us a few pictures and a little story, we do not mind but feature your little beloved one on our Facebook page! :-)

  2. I have a very unique kitty She’s my blue eyed white persian and her name is Punchin” Paige! Lol
    I would love to send pics. Where do I send them too?

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