Decorating your house with flowers might be tricky if you have an indoor cat. Your lovely cat might be tempted to maul your flowers if they are appetizing.

However, you can beautify your apartment or yard with non-toxic cat-friendly plants. Below is a list of cat-friendly plants

Cat-Friendly Plants

  1. Cat grass – Cat grass is meant to be eaten by your cats. Making sure that the evergreen grass is in abundance may keep your cat satisfied with its grass needs. Planting cat grass may keep the cats away from eating toxic plants.
  1. Purple waffle plant – This is a beautiful plant with dar green and purple flowers. It is non-toxic and beneficial to human beings and cats. This plant is well known for purifying the environment.
  1. Areca Palm – This is another beautiful non-toxic plant. It can provide entertainment to your cat. You might not get worried if your cat bites the flower while playing with it.

How to Choose a Cat-friendly Flower

Your cat must eat plants to gain various nutrients. When choosing house flowers, you should consider that your cat might one day bite the flowers. Make sure that it is safe and non-toxic to cats. Plant a flower that benefits you and your cat.  

Which cat-friendly plants do you have? Comment below.

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