Are you a savvy cat owner?

Do you really know the ways of your feline?

Do you want them to love you as much as they “tolerate” you?

Let’s face it, they love differently.

The faster you accept that, the better for both your happy symbiosis.

Thing is, you really want to be close to them.

Okay, here are some tips which may help.

How to be an awesome cat owner?

Basically, four, in fact:

Respect your cat. Cats need space — from you, mostly. And from dogs. From over-zealous humans who rub their fur the wrong way, literally. Peace reigns when you leave them to be their happy, contented selves.

Feed your cat. But, of course! A must! You must feed them ideally always at the same time each day. Cats love routine. Change that and they become befuddled and look pitiful. Their miaowing won’t stop either.

Teach your cat. Yes, you heard it right. You CAN teach your cat, snotty characters they may be. Give them the look, silence them with a finger to your lips, wag that finger when displeased, ignore them. They will get it.

Play with your cat. These little hunters love to play, no matter what age. Watch their bodies shake as they prepare to pounce on that string or stick you hold out as you hide from them. All they see is that wiggling thing.

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