Turkish Van cat is one of the rarest breeds of cats. The Turkish Van Cat facts are so interesting. Go through them and know the fun facts about your Turkish feline.

Turkish Van Cat Background

As the name suggests, the Turkish Van cat originates from Turkey’s   Lake Van region. The cat is white in color with a dark color on its head and tail. It has a long body with semi-long hair. The adult Van cat weighs around 4.5 to 8 kgs. The fluffy cat can survive for about 12 to 17 years. 

Did you know?

The cat loves swimming. A Turkish van cat’s hair is water-resistant. It can swim in the water and come out dry. Keep the swimming pool secure and if you love harvesting water, keep the containers closed. 

Make sure that your breakables are safe if you have the Turkish Van cat. The cat loves jumping from one place to another. The energetic cat enjoys staying on elevated areas such as your tables and cabinets.

Why You Should Get a Turkish Cat

Turkish cat loves having fun. If you are an outdoor person who loves driving and camping; Turkish Van cat would be your best companion. 

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