God knew what He was doing when He created cats.

These funny felines make us roll around in laughter, if they’re not the ones rolling around in a daze, surprising even themselves.

And to really appreciate cats, you have to see them in action.

And absolute must.

Especially when they are being the naturally crazy cats that they are.

We honestly believe they were born funny.

Here are the 8 best (and worst) viral videos we found, categorized according to millions of views:

 Very angry cat. Over 88-M views.

The mean kitty song. Over 86-M views.


Funny cats. Over 79-M views.

  1. Surprised kitty (original). Over 77-M views.


  1. The two talking cats. Over 63-M views.


  1. Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat. Over 59-M views.


  1. Cat mom hugs baby kitten. Over 59-M views.

Crazy cat loves water. Over 38-M views.


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