Are you planning on getting a new kitten? Or do you have a little furbaby of your own?

As do all animals, kittens, too, have exercise needs that need to be fulfilled. Ideally, your new bundle of joy will let you know when she wants to play and when she wants to rest and get her beauty sleep in.

In this blog post, I’ll go through everything you need to know about your new kitten’s exercise needs.

Let’s get started.

How much playtime does my kitten need?

As I mentioned in the introduction, your new furry family member will let you know when she wants to eat and when she wishes to rest.

Did you know that kittens need about 18-22 hours of sleep!?

Since cats need so much sleep, she’ll only be active and have high energy for only a few minutes per day which is normal. So, since your kitty will only be active in short spurts, you don’t need to exercise her for longer than she shows interest.

Forcing your cat to be active when she’s tired may cause a problem.

Wondering what that is?

Well, your cat would start to associate you with a negative feeling and will then, start to be distance herself from you to get some peace and quiet. As you can already tell, this isn’t going to be a good thing for you.

In fact, your kitten could also start to look for ways to hide from you or to escape your home!

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