Vomiting is not an interesting thing to witness. Besides its awfulness it is painful. Your cat might lose some nutrients while vomiting. 

What is Cerenia?

Cerenia is a drug that is used to vomiting and nausea in cats. Cerenia is also known as Maropitant Citrate. The medication can also relieve your cat of body pains and motion sickness. Cerenia can be in the form of an injection or tablets. 

How Do I Give it to My Cat?

The Cerenia medication can be given to cats who are 8 weeks old and above.

Cats that have kidney conditions and those that are pregnant or nursing might be given with caution. You must seek advice from the vet before giving them Cerenia medication.

The pill can be taken by mouth. Cerenia tablet can be taken with a light snack. Don’t give your cat the pill when it is hungry. You can use a pill-giver to drop the tablet in the cat’s mouth or use your fingers.

You may quote the pill with food to make it easy for your cat to take the pill. Don’t over quote the pill with food as it might prevent it from being absorbed properly.

The pill might start working in 2 or 3 hours improving the condition of your cat. You can give your cat the pill as long as there is a need. But give your cat one tablet per day. 

The injectable solution can be done by a vet if you are not comfortable doing it by yourself.

Injecting a cat does not need an expert.

The solution can be injected under the skin of your cat. Inject the cat daily for five consecutive days. It can also be used as long as there is a necessity. Once open, the solution must be used within 28 days. 

Side Effects You Should Know About 

In this section of the blog post, we will look at some of the side effects of Cerenia for cats:

In addition to that, the injection may cause pain and make the skin swell.  

What have you been using to treat vomiting cats? Share your experiences

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