Any scary stories that you remember or that you were told when you were young? Cat scratch game might be one of those games.

What is a cat scratch game?

Cat scratch is a game that is also known as Catscratches or a Black cat scratch. The game can be played by two people or more. It is preferably played at night to make it effective.

It is meant to have a fear factor. 

How to Play the Cat Scratch Game?

The first person must sit on the floor and the other person lies on the laps of the first person.

The first person may start telling the horrific story that involves a cat while petting the person sleeping on his or her laps. If there are other people, they may sit around forming a circle around the first and second person.

When telling the horrific story, it might end with a scratching activity.

The second person might stand up and reveal the back to check any marks. Note that the second person must not be scratched by the first person or anyone. However, t the red claw marks might appear on the person’s back.

If there are no marks, the second horrific story must be told. 

Does the game work?

The game is sort of a mind game that is played by children.

If you believe that the cats can scratch you, the game might work. You might fear going out when it is dark or fear to be in dark places. 

Have you played the cat scratch game? Share your experiences.

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