Hairless cats, such as the Sphinx have been the center of attention for quite some time.

Sphynx cats are hairless and one of the most beautiful breeds in the feline family. Great things always happen accidentally, and just like the Penicillium, Sphynx is also an accidental breed!

The ancestor of the Sphinx was a black and white Canadian domestic cat named Elizabeth.

She was unique as her body was hairless due to a mutation.

Now, Sphynx is intentionally bred in breeding farms due to their high commercial demand. These are medium-sized cat weighs between 6 to 12 pounds.

Apart from this, these kitties are extremely adorable and cute.

Sphynx is an eye-catching breed.

They are very funny in nature and will definitely put a smile on your face. They’re childish in nature and adopt new environments easily. Sphynx are also very friendly in nature.

They are very curious and attention-seeking.

These kitties love to play with puzzles and soft toys. Apart from that, they enjoy cuddling up with their owners and socializing with strangers. However, if you own a Sphynx cat, you should take special care of the health of their skin, since they don’t have the protective layer of hair on their body.

You should bathe a Sphynx on a weekly basis and apply moisturizer on your kitty’s skin to keep her hydrated. Don’t forget about brushing your cat’s teeth on a daily basis and cleaning her eyes with a soft, wet cloth.

Apart from this, you may also have to get your kitty a warm sweater during the winters.

Have you owned a Sphynx? Let us know how your experience was in the comments.

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