Like all animals, cats get angry.

And, when they’re angry, they let you know by making angry sounds before they ultimately attack you. So, let’s take a look at what these two angry sounds mean!

Let’s begin. 

What Growling Means

When a cat growls, it essentially means back off. Before a cat verbally tells you to back off, there are some physical cues that come before. These include having the ears down, eyes wide, tail flailing from side to side.

This is a warning noise when cats are annoyed or starting to get angry. 

For some cats, growls are often accompanied by angry meows as well. It can be a “and I mean it!” to the growl which means “stay away.” 

What Hissing Means

Cats hiss for a lot of reasons. If a cat hisses when she’s angry, it means that your cat is basically cursing at you. The sound is also made when they kitty is mad but at the same time, is confused, afraid, and frustrated.

Hissing is to cats what the middle finger is to humans. 

You shouldn’t approach a hissing cat. Instead, give the kitty some time and space to cool off. 

Why do you think your cat growls or hisses? Let me know in the comments section… 

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