You might have played with your cat using a laser pointer with different colours. Why would the manufacturers make different colours of the same toy?

Can cats see different colours?

Are Cats Really Blind? 

Being colorblind does not mean that the cat cannot see. It is the failure to distinguish different shades of colour. The failure to recognise shades of colours can be mild or severe. 

Kitty Vision 101: What Do Cats See? 

Cats see few colours.

They see like a human being who is colorblind. This means that cats can see other colours clearly while other shade can confuse their visual.

Your cat can see the difference between a blue and green but colour purple, pink and red confuses the cat.

Purple might appear as colour blue to the cat’s eyes. 

Researchers say that cats see images of blue and yellow with shades of grey.  Your cat’s eyesight is not sharper than yours.

You can see an object clearly when you are 100-200 feet away but your cat cannot see the object clearly when at the same distance as you. Your cat can see the same object clearly when it is about 20 feet away. 

The position of the cat’s eyes makes it see things at a broader peripheral range.

You might want to check the position of your cat’s eyes. Your cat’s eyes are set wide apart on the side of the head unlike of the eyes of a human being that are set in front of the head. 

Cats can see better when they are in a place with low light in comparison to human beings who cannot see properly when they are in a dark place. This is because cats have more rod cells than human beings.

Rod cells are in the eyes and work better in less intense light.  

How Do I Improve My Kitty’s Eyesight? 

You may not change the nature of the cat’s eyes but you may stimulate its vision. You may play with your cat using lights and colourful toys to stimulate its eyesight. A cat laser pointer toy can be useful.

The moving light can attract the cat’s attention and make it chase the light.

This can entertain the cat and also stimulate its vision. 

Puzzle games and hunting feeder can activate your cat’s hunting and preying instincts. 

Your cat can also watch videos to stimulate its eyesight. Videos which show fish, birds and mice can attract cats’ attention. Make sure that the cat is not closer to the television screen.

The eyes might be hurt by television light.  

When you are playing with your cat with toys such as laser pointer, avoid flushing lights directly into the cat’s eyes. The cat’s eyes can be hurt by the rays. 

Take care of your cat’s eyes by feeding the cat with a high meat diet. You may buy supplement to keep your cat healthy.

If you decide to buy something colourful for your cat, remember that your cat can see blue and yellow. Other colours won’t be properly recognised by your lovely feline.

How are you stimulating your cat’s eyes? Share your experiences.

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