When you talk about loyalty, only one animal seems to come in mind: the dog. 

Most people believe that cats aren’t loyal animals and this belief prevails especially in the Asian countries. 

But is that actually true? Or is is just a myth? 

We’ll find that out in today’s blog post. 

Cats are loyal but in their own ways. 

The simple thing is that cats aren’t as physically strong as a dog and thus, can’t drag you out in the event of a fire, or can’t physically harm a burglar but, they do care for you and they do love you. 


One thing you must know is that you need to reciprocate.

It is true that a cat needs to be loved in order for her to love you back. Same goes for loyalty. 

So, be loyal if you expect the same from your cat (or your girlfriend!). 

Any loyalty stories that you might want to share? Let us all know in the comments section! I’m really curious to know. 


2 Responses

  1. My cat Kitchiri walks with me when I go to my friends house. She will then lay on their porch until I am ready to walk home. She also licks my face when it is time to wake up. If I am sad or upset she comes over and rubs on me, looks at me, meows, and goes back to rubbing on me as if to say “it is ok mommy, I love you”.

  2. I once had a yellow tabby that was very loyal to me. When we walked to the park near my apartment, he would chase any dogs away. One time a friend was trying to tickle me and my kitty started to hiss with his back arched! He thought I was being hurt!!!

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