We love our furballs to death.


I don’t know about you but, I’m guilty of overfeeding my cat sometimes. However, one thing that I’ve noticed is that my cat tends to gain weight during the winter time but sheds it all during the summer.


Talk about kitty summer shredding!


I came across a study was published in the Danish Journal of Archaeology that suggested that dogs are now 25% smaller than their closest wild relatibe000the Gray Wolf.


And, it had something even more interesting to say about cats!


Cats have actually gotten much bigger thanks to domestication. Let’s take a peek into the study in this blog post.


Here we go.

Experts believe that all the breeds of the modern have evolved from the  Near Eastern wildcat. You can still find this species in the Middle Eastern desert.


The authors of the study went through several bags of mixed animal remains in the Copenhagen’s Zoological Museum. They went through the bones of horses, dogs, and cows to find  cat skulls, tibias, femurs.

The researchers don’t know why they seemed to grow versus shrink as domesticated dogs did, but they believe access to more and better food, as well as better living conditions, made a difference.


Additionally, more people began to bring cats into their homes as pets and not just for their fur or their rodent-hunting skills, and this relationship could have helped them grow bigger and better treated.

Do you have any interesting cat studies that you’ve come across? Share with us in the comments!

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