Do you now that there are more than 10,000 big cats in captivity in the United States?

There are zoos that expose big cats such as lions, cheetahs and tigers to unhealthy conditions thereby abusing them. Some big cats are murdered in cold blood while others are sold willy-nilly.

The Big cat safety act seeks to bring sanity in the lives of big cats by rescuing them from cruel and unhealthy hands.

What is the Big Cat Safety Act?

I’m pretty sure you have come across with this phrase in Netflix’s docu-series, Tiger King. Tiger King features the big cat collector Joe Exotic and the cat safety advocate Carole Baskin.

Hey, if you’re quarantined at home, it’s a show that you must watch. You’ll come back and thank me later in the comments section!

The show has unravelled the businesses that involve big cat. Featuring Joe Exotic has revealed the illegalities committed by Exotic regarding the big cats.

The Big Cat Safety Act which was introduced in 2017 seeks to stop the abuse of wild exotic animals by prohibiting possession of tigers and lions and other related animals.

If voted successfully into law; the lawbreakers will face five years imprisonment or fine a total amount of $20,000. So far, it hasn’t been voted into law but it has received 138 cosponsors in the House as of September 2019. 

What is the current law saying regarding the safety of big cats?

The Captive Wildlife Safety Act works differently in US states.

Every state in the US has different laws regarding exotic animals. There are 20 states that ban the ownership of exotic animals but allow them to be kept for an educative purpose under a valid licence.

Fourteen states allow you to owner exotic animals if you have a licence and insurance.

Summing Up

We should support the healthiness and safety of our exotic animals. Let’s save the big cats from captivity and give them a better life that they deserve in safe sanctuaries and parks.

Did you get the chance to watch Tiger King on Netflix yet? Do you think Carole Baskin did it? Let’s keep the conversation rolling in the comments section…

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