Can you imagine your adorable cat playing bongs in the most adorable manner?

Neither could we.

Surprise! You don’t need to imagine anymore. Because it is happening all over the internet!


This blog post will answer all your questions. So sit back and relax, get prepared to have fun as you scroll down to know more…

How Bongo Cat was Conceived

Trust me, in the most ordinary way possible!

Well, since Bongo Cat is not breathing, purring cat, it was not conceived like the other kitties are. It was conceived in the form of an idea that struck the Twitter user, @DitzyFlama on May 7, 2018.

In a casual reply to a Twitter user, @StrayRogue’s GIF of a cat animation smacking the table, he posted an edited version of the GIF. In this edit, he added the hit Super Mario track “athletic” and introduced bongos in front of the cat, in a way that the cat appears to be playing the bongos.

Check this hilarious video out, here!

How It Went From Being A ‘Cool Cat’ to a Rage on the Internet

It happened in no time at all. The original video of the cat playing bongs became an instant hit and got over 5000 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Moreover, within a week, more versions started coming up, with the same cat who once played bongos, playing several cool instruments along with cool beats.

It first happened when someone uploaded the cat playing along with the entire Athletic soundtrack on YouTube. Then users started using iconic soundtracks with different instruments, and this became a fad on the internet.

Everyone loved watching this adorbs cat playing various instruments. Even the original video creator, DitzyFlama created more versions which further spread the meme like wildfire.

One of the coolest versions was the cat playing a mad range of instruments and has an uber cool look on, check it out!

Do It Yourself!

Loved this version of internet cat? You can make it too!

There are now Bongo Cat Creators on the internet that can help you make the cat of your dreams!


Share your weirdest cat fantasies with us in the comments section! We’d love to hear them out.

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