Are you considering sharing your favourite treat with your cat?

Chocolate may be an instant mood lifter for you, and what makes you happy, you may naturally want to share with your little friend. But there’s one thing you need to always remember as a pet parent — your little friend’s little digestive systems operate differently than yours. Which means what may be healthy and tasty for you, can be broken down into something toxic for your pet!

To avoid any such complications, educate yourself about cats and chocolates with this article. 

Can Cats Eat Small Amounts Of Chocolate?

Simply put, no. Chocolates contain constitute of two ingredients that can prove extremely lethal, in the smallest of quantities for your cat — theobromine and caffeine. This makes any chocolate and coffee-based products including cakes, shakes, and cookies also completely off-limits for your pet.

 Moreover, supplementary ingredients like sugar, fats, and xylitol are all ingredients that are best moderated in minimal quantities. 

How Can Chocolate Harm Your Cat?

The smallest cube of chocolate can cause uncomfortable symptoms in your cat ranging from uneasiness, an excessive thirst to serious conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, and accelerated heart rate, and unfortunately even death. 

To be safe, make sure you research well before feeding anything new to your cat. There are as many safe treats options available as there are fishes in the sea, so that’s not something you should be worrying about.

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