Your cat is a carnivore and you might be wondering whether giving her or him eggs would be a good idea. Eggs are nutritious and people enjoy them fried or boiled.

Can cats eat eggs? If so are they nutritious and how do they like them?

Eggs can be added to your cat’s diet. 

Kittens and adult cats can be fed with eggs. Eggs contain proteins and they are an animal product. They are safe food to cats since they are closer to animals. 

How Do They Like Them?

Cats who get an opportunity to be outdoor wouldn’t think twice after seeing eggs of a bird.

They will eat raw eggs and enjoy them.

Cats can eat raw eggs but it is not advisable. Uncooked food tends to contain bacteria. Cooking food can be helpful in killing unknown bacteria that might be in food.

Uncooked eggs might have salmonella and E-coli bacteria. Cats being affected by bacteria might lose appetite; have fever, diarrhoea and other side effects. 

Your cat would enjoy a boiled egg.

A fried or scrambled egg wouldn’t hurt your cat either.

Make sure you don’t use heavy oil. Heavy oil might affect your cat’s heart. Salt and other seasoning spices are not necessary.

When making scrambled eggs for your fur friend, remember that adult cats are lactose intolerant. You may mix the cooked eggs with your cat’s favourite meal to make it appreciate the eggs.

Your cat must continue having its meat-based diet.

Eggs must be served as a snack or a supplementary diet. Your cat might suffer from an unbalanced diet if you feed it with more eggs only.

Don’t give your cat a full egg but half would be enough. Serve half an egg once a week to avoid risking your cat of allergies.

What are the Benefits of Eggs?

Eggs have proteins. The proteins can be easily digested by your cat. Eggs also are rich in amino acids. Amino acids can help your cat develop muscles. Eggs can be eaten easily by cats without being worried that your cat might choke on them.

Underweight cats can benefit from eating eggs. Egg whites are lower in fat.

Side effects

You should ask your vet if the eggs are safe for your lovely cat. Your cat might be allergic to eggs. Your cat might vomit, have diarrhoea, have digestive problems after eating eggs.

If the cat is allergic to eggs, stop feeding it with eggs.

Some health issues such as obesity and kidney disease might be worsened by eating eggs.

Avoid over-feeding your cat with eggs.

Eggs contain proteins, fat and cholesterol. If you overfeed your cat with eggs, it might gain excess weight and develop health problems. Too many proteins might lead to kidney problem. 

Final thoughts

Your cat can have eggs as a treat, not as a main meal. Make sure that it is well cooked. Eggs contain more proteins; avoid over-feeding your cat with eggs as it might be harmful. 

Share your cat’s favourite egg recipe. Share your experiences about a cat eating eggs.

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