You might be trying to come up with a list of snacks for your cat. Peanut butter is tasty and appetising but it’s not good for your cats. It has many risks than advantages.

Peanut Butter Red Flags

Cats are carnivores and they need more meat than any other food. Some vets say that peanut butter is not healthy for cats. They suggest that peanut butter must be given in small quantities because it has too many fatty acids that might lead to obesity and diabetes. 

Peanut butter is used with poison to attract rodents. You must be careful; if your cat develops a liking for peanut it might end up eating disguised poison.

Peanut butter is sticky and might be a choking hazard to cats. It might get stuck in the cat’s throat.  

Your cat might develop allergies after eating peanut butter. Some of the allergy symptoms might include; vomiting, itching, lack of appetite, and more. 

Peanut butter contains aflatoxins such as mycotoxin. A mycotoxin is well known for causing liver cancer.

When to Give a Cat Peanut Butter?

You can use peanut butter when giving your cat medicine. Tablets can be coated with peanut butter to disguise them so that the cat can eat them without noticing that it had taken some medication.

If you decide to give your cat the peanut butter, make sure that it’s in small quantities. Monitor your cat when it’s eating peanut and give it water. After giving your cat peanut butter, watch out for any allergy symptoms.

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