Cats hate baths and bathing your kitty can soon turn into a bloodbath! 

However, there are some circumstances that call for bath time such as your get getting something harmful to her like glue, paint, etc. So, you have no choice but to give your cat a bath. 

However, are which shampoo should you use for your kitty? And, is human shampoo safe for cats? 

That’s what I’ll get into in this blog post.

Can I Use Human Shampoo for My Cat?

Using human shampoo for your kitty seems like an effective option, right?

Only, it’s not.

Even if the label on your all-natural shampoo says that it’s gentle and for sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean that it’s for your kitty. Human shampoos contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to cats such as sulfates, dyes, parabens, petrochemicals, etc.

So, it is safer that yous tick to regular cat shampoo, instead.

Can I use baby shampoo on cats?

Most baby shampoos claim to be gentle and are made keeping the baby’s sensitive skin in mind.

However, these shampoos are still designed to be used by humans and aren’t necessarily a good pick for cats.

Cats have fewer layers of skin than humans and a pH which is more alkaline while that of humans is acidic. So, even baby shampoo can harm your kitty, dry out her skin and coat, and cause irritation.

Baby shampoos do contain chemicals that are less harmful to cats but, they are perfumed quite strongly. Cats have a powerful sense of smell and bathing your cat using strongly perfumed baby shampoo is cruel.

You can use baby shampoo for your cat in case of an emergency. However, it is not recommended and can cause your cat to have some side effects.

There are many different cat shampoos available on the market to choose from. You should do your research and pick out the best on!

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