COVID19, also known as the novel coronavirus, is now a global pandemic because of which, billions across the globe have found themselves locked in their homes. 

You might be asking yourself a lot of questions regarding the safety of your pets.

Domesticated animals can be infected, too, by different viruses. As you cuddle with your pet, remember that cat can catch coronavirus. In fact, a tiger has contracted the coronavirus from an infected zookeeper in India!

Let’s find out more about cats and the novel coronavirus. 


How Do Cats Get Coronavirus?

Coronavirus can be spread by respiratory droplets. Your cat can be infected in the same way as human beings. Cats also show the symptoms similar to a human being.

Recently, a cat in Belgium tested positive for coronavirus after showing symptoms of breathing hard, vomiting, and having diarrhoea. 

The study carried out at the Chinese Harbin Veterinary Research Institute shows that cats can be infected with COVID-19 and they are capable of spreading to other cats compared to other domesticated animals. 

Can Cat Spread the Coronavirus? 

According to Chinese experiments, cats cannot spread the coronavirus to human beings; however, they can spread it to other cats.

You can spread the virus to your lovely pet. If you are infected with coronavirus, you are advised to keep a distance from your pet. If you have coronavirus symptoms, quarantine yourself from your cat as you would do to human beings.

Unfortunately, cats cannot use face masks and sanitisers. 

Your cat cannot understand the issue of keeping a distance from other pets.

Quarantine your cat even though it might meow and scratch doors with anger; isolate it for its own safety if it has the coronavirus symptoms. You should make sure that your surrounding surfaces are clean. 

If your pet shows the coronavirus symptoms; take her to the veterinary doctor.


According to Chinese experiments; domesticated animals like dogs, rabbits, chickens are safe from coronavirus. Remember to keep your surroundings clean and safe. Kindly share your experiences about your lovely cats regarding COVID-19.

How are you coping with this global pandemic? Let us know in the comments section. 

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