Human beings seem to be the most being infected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus has killed many people and as a pet owner, you could be asking yourself, “Can my dog get COVID-19?”

So far, there have been two cases of dogs which have tested positive for COVID-19 in China.

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

Tests which were carried before had shown that dogs and other pets cannot be infected with the coronavirus. The cases of dogs in China that tested positive were all infected by their owners. The dogs did not show any symptoms of coronavirus but multiple tests confirmed that they were infected with COVID-19 virus.  

The dogs don’t have coronavirus cure like human beings. 

It has not been confirmed that dogs can spread the coronavirus to other dogs, pets and human beings. If you have symptoms of coronavirus, you are advised to keep a distance from human beings and pets so as to avoid spreading the virus. 

How to Keep Dogs Safe from Coronavirus

Your dog is your responsibility. Keep it safe from catching coronavirus by letting it stay indoors. Don’t let it roam in the streets as it might catch the virus from human beings of dirty places. Sanitise yourself when you touch your dog and cover your sneeze. Just treat your dog the way you would treat human beings when infected with the virus. 

What Happens to My Pet When They Test Positive for Coronavirus?

When you test positive for coronavirus; you must seek help from a health care centre and keep a distance from your dog. Take your dog to the nearest veterinary doctor for tests.

Your dog can be tested and quarantined until it is confirmed that is safe from the coronavirus. 

Keep your dogs safe from coronavirus but don’t abandon your dog. Clean and sanitize your environments where you live with your pets.

Kindly share your thoughts and experiences concerning the safety of your pets. 

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