Cats are naturally lovable creatures, but sometimes, they can get out of hand – pretty much like kids.

Here’s what you can do or expect, based on the following “bad” behaviors:

Clawing at the toilet paper. Close the door, problem solved.

Scratching your furniture. Give them a scratching post.

Sitting on a pile of clean clothes. Give them a clean mat.

Biting your finger. Use a stick or long yarn to play with them.

Biting your toes. Stop wiggling those toes in front of kittens.

Gifting you with a dead animal. Just being their natural self.


Most of these are not serious behaviors, but the really serious ones are biting and gifting you with a dead animal.

Spray them gently with water if they do the latter.

Prevention is the key. Cats are naturally playful, especially as kittens. Don’t use your hand or finger to tease them and wiggle at them. An animal bite is a bite and that may mean expensive anti-rabies injections for you.

And please, don’t wiggle your toes, as cats love pouncing upon moving, wiggling things, your toes included. Give them a ball of yarn instead.

Best disciplinary action is ignoring them or walking away from them.

Don’t give them the eye — they will get the message.

If you don’t play, they won’t either.

These intelligent felines can read your body language.


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