Are you looking for reasons to love your cat more than you already do?

When talking and reading about pets, we often describe a pet dog to be the most loyal companion you can have. However, when it comes to pet cats, the more commonly used adjectives range from moody, possessive, to even troublesome.

But is that all there is about those furry little purring creatures with cute paws?

Cats are mysterious animals and there is so much more to unravel then what plaques the popular belief. Not only do cats really feel attached to their owners, contrary to popular belief but also have ways to benefit their owners, psychologically and physically.

This blog post will brief you with all the reasons why cats are actually a great pet to have and how they benefit you. 

Keep reading.

Psychological Benefits

You may want to keep your cat by your side because they are just adorable and you can’t get enough of them, but did you know that this attachment to your cat is healing your mind and soul?

This section of the blog post will tell you how.

Helps You Cope With A Loss

Cats are known to be those companions that can hear you out when you share your pain. They obviously can’t understand you, but people in mourning report it is easier to talk to cats and find it easier to cope over their loss.

Develops Social Skills in Children With Autism 

While kids with autism find it difficult to socialize, cats prove to be an easy alternative to develop social skills in autistic children. Not only research support this assertion, but there are also studies that show deep attachment forming between cats and autistic children.

Helps To Sleep Soundly

Cat purrs may sound cute and all, but did you know they are typically known to be soothing? Their purrs can not only help with soothing stress but are also effective in helping you with a sound sleep.

Improves Your Mental Health

Mental Health conditions can be pretty exhausting and there’s not much help you can get. But yet again, you can count on your purring friend to make you feel better, heal you gradually. 

Physical Health Benefits 

Having a good companion that relieves you of stress is one thing. A companion that can keep serious diseases at bay? Sounds pretty damn miraculous right?

This section of the blog post will brief you with the physical health conditions that cats help you with.

Keeps Heart Conditions At Bay

Cats are more easy to have as a pet, don’t require a lot of maintenance and dramatically reduces your stress and anxiety. All of this comes together to effectively keep your heart healthy, to an extent that cat owners are at lower risk of stroke and other vascular diseases.

Keeps Away Respiratory Disorders, Allergies, and Infections

If you have babies younger than a year at home, and there is a cat purring around, you would be surprised to know you’re indirectly strengthening your baby’s immune system, particularly against respiratory diseases.

In fact, early exposure to cats also keep allergies and infections at bay, and not just animal allergies!

And Then There’s More…

If you’re already overwhelmed with how good your cat can be for you, don’t be already. There’s more. 

A 2009 study shows that cats account for lesser carbon footprints as compared to the wagging, panting pets. This makes them eco-friendly pets! Moreover, cats don’t need constant babysitting and can stay alone without you for long durations, unlike dogs. They groom themselves, clean themselves and sometimes even you!

All in all, cats are not only really good for you and your children but also low maintenance. Looks like we’ve given you enough reasons to love your cat for more than a lifetime.

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