How many times do you scoop your litter box? Are you happy with the smell of your litter box?

Your lovely feline must enjoy using the litter box.

However, the type of a litter box and its cleanliness can have an impact on how your cat is using the litter box. Your cat’s mood can also have an impact. Below is a list of litter box etiquette tips

Clean Litter Box

Your cat is likely to enjoy using the litter box anytime if it is clean and spotless.

You must scoop the litter box at least once per day but your cat would be happy if you may scoop the litter box twice per day. Make sure that the clumping soil is clean.

You may wash the litter box with warm water and soap to remove any stains and dirt. 

Type of a litter box must attract the cat

There are different types of litter boxes. Your cat’s litter box must be comfortable.

Most of the litter boxes are a bit small and they don’t promote a good posture.

Your cat might avoid using a small litter box that is straining its posture when using it. Find a bigger litter box that can accommodate the size of your cat. The structure of the litter box also matters.

Your cat might not enjoy being in a covered litter box that traps odour. 

Ensure That There’s More Than One Litter Box

Even if you have one cat, try to have more than one litter box.

Place them in different spots. Having more than one litter box can encourage your cat to use the litter box. If the cat is suffering from diarrhoea, having more than one litter box can make the life of your cat easy.

Where Do I Place the Litter Box?

Avoid placing the litter box next to noise places.

Your cat might not be comfortable. Make sure that the litter away from the dog’s spot if you have any. Make sure that the children are not nearby the litter box.

Your cat might not be secure to use the litter box with dogs and children around.

Scented or Unscented Litter Box?

Cats have a strong sense of smell.

Scented litter box might offend your cat. Crystal and pellets might be a great thing for your house but your cat might not be comfortable with it.

Go natural, and use clumping soil that is closer to nature.

How are you keeping the litter box clean for your cat? Share your experiences.

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