Do you wonder if the ongoing pandemic is posing as much risk to your beloved pet as to us?

COVID-19 is one of the viruses from the coronavirus family. This family of viruses is notorious for causing flu-like symptoms in humans that tend to escalate into serious respiratory problems. If that’s not bothersome enough, the virus that has led to a worldwide pandemic is known to infect animals as well.

Can Your Cat Be Infected?

Several claims and studies prove that pets are equally at risk of contracting diseases caused by the COVID-19. 

Although the number is minute, cases have been registered where house pets have been tested positive for the virus, after coming in contact with their infected owners. The symptoms shown by the animals are similar to that of humans, including respiratory problems, gastrointestinal issues, among others. 

It has also been found that infected cats can act as potent virus carriers and spread the disease to other cats that they come in contact with. However, there is not enough evidence to indicate whether or not COVID-19 can be transferred from cats and dogs to humans. Until now there have been no reported cases of any human contracting the virus from animals.

The World Health Organisation has said that based on current evidence, human to human transmission is the main driver of the virus but there is yet to be any evidence to understand if animals and pets can also spread the disease to humans.

What precautions are you taking to keep your cat safe during the pandemic? Share your guidelines with us in the comments section!

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