Have you been looking for interesting cat videos to beat your blues?

Cat’s and their untimely unexpected behavior can be hilarious at times. One such common behavioral reaction that has gone viral on the internet is the trending world of ‘Cats vs Pickles’.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read on.

What’s Cat vs. Pickles

It’s the internet and social media’s latest muse of capturing cats and their reactions to pickles. Most common reactions involve cats being hilariously horrified at the sight of cute little pickles that, according to the narrative, love the cat.

According to various observations from animal psychologists, the reaction from every cat is associated with its predatory ancestry that makes it believe a cucumber is a threat to its life. This natural reaction became a social media trend when Cepia LLC manufactured cute little cat loving pickles’ game called Cat vs. Pickles and the videos haven’t stopped trending since then.

So if you’re looking for some stress relief and want to indulge in cute and humorous cat videos, what’s better than to start here? Moreover, you can also be a part of the trend by uploading a reaction video of your own cute little friend!

What’s More?

Now that you have found a weakness of your cat, you can simply use pickles as a fencing system to keep your cat from entering a spot you want clean and fur-free. That’s a brilliant defense system to prevent your cat from going into areas that can be harmful to it.

If you’re all excited to start, here’s another cats and pickles video that we think you can start binging with. 

Share some of the most hilarious cat vs pickle videos with us in the comments section!

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