Your cat might be scratching and over-grooming its armpits and ears resulting in redness of skin on those spots.

It is a boring and painful experience to watch your cat hurting itself.

Cheristin for cats might help your cat and live a happy life with irritation. 

What is Cheristin?

Cheristin is a medication for cats that is meant to treat flea.

The topical solution can be used externally on kittens aged 8 months and older cats. The solution starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of application and can be used once per month.

The medication contains an insecticide called spinetoram. The medication can be bought over the counter without a prescription.

How Do You Use Cheristin for Cats?

It is advised to read the label of the medicine so as to avoid mishandling the medication. You must apply one tube once per month to kill fleas and to avoid re-infestations. 

You must part the hair on the neck and make sure that the skin is visible so that you apply the medication directly onto the skin. Open the medicine and place directly above the visible skin.

The Side Effects

Let’s see if Cheristin has any side effects on kitties. 

How have you been treating your cats that are affected with fleas? Share your remedies and experiences. 

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