What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?

You brush your teeth, right!? 

But, how often fo your brush your cat’s teeth? 

Most of us cat owners don’t do it enough which makes our feline friends vulnerable to dental diseases. In this blog post, I’ll go through the most common dental conditions in kitties.

Let’s begin!

Tooth Reabsorption in Kitties

While humans get cavities on the surface of their teeth, reabsorption of the tooth is common in cats and dogs. This process begins at the root of the tooth and travels up. 

If your kitty has one affected tooth, there are 75% chances that another tooth will also be affected.

Stomatitis in Kitties

Stomatitis occurs when kitties are allergic to their teeth and is an immune-mediated disease in cats. An inflamed red mouth is the most common symptom. The condition is treated by using steroids and antibiotics. 

Periodontal Diseases in Kitties

This gum disease begins with the inflammation in one tooth which soon spreads to all other teeth. It is highly painful and the most common disease in cats. 

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