Did you know that community cats are not lonely and don’t need a home? 

In this blog post, I wanted to share a few facts about community cats with you and explain to you why adopting a community cat isn’t a great idea after all. 

Let’s take a look… 

Community cats are actually different from house cats as they are self-reliant and have lived outdoors for the major part of their lives. So, naturally, they would not get along well with humans—after all, they are used to their freedom and style of life, right?

Ever so often, community cats are then away from the only home that they’ve known and from their families to be adopted by a species unknown and scary to them—human beings! 

Wouldn’t you be terrified (to say the least) if someone scooped you up one day and forced you to live with an entirely different species that’s larger in size!? 😛

These cats actually have a community and life of their own and get along well with their feline friends. 

Different from outdoor cats, community cats just don’t do well in small and restricted spaces such as an apartment or a house—after all, it is an environment completely unknown to them! 

Do you have any experiences that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section… 

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