Cats can be really adorable. Especially kittens! And the Internet is filled with adorable cat videos. 

Today I’ve got some hilarious and cute cat videos for your daily dose of cuteness!


Let’s get started… 

Watch at this adorable kitty trying to pop some water balloons. 

Adorable, right? 

Look at this adorable little kitten playing in a purse! 

Cute, right? 

Scottish Fold munchkin

This little kitten is too tiny and too adorable to be real!

Angry Kitty Walking In A Pirate Costume!

This is an angry (but equally adorable!) kitty walking in a pirate costume! 

Baby Owl And Curious Cat Are Best Friends

Meet this pair of friends! 

BONUS: Compilation of some of the best videos!

Here’s a bonus if you’re feeling low!


I hope you liked these videos! Leave a comment to let me know which one of these you liked the best!

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