I previously had written a blog post in which I helped you determine what your cat’s Meows mean and this one is the sequel to that!

I hope you like reading it. 

Let’s get started… 

High-pitched Meow 

This means that your kitty is hurt and is in physical pain. If you can’t determine why your cat is meowing, you should take her to your vet. 

Growling and Howling 

This is a sign that your cat is very angry. If your kitty is growling at another cat, it simply means that she is protecting her territory. 

If your kitty is growling at you…

Stay away if you want to avoid scratches. 


A hissing cat is angry as well as scared. Cats usually hiss when surrounded by unfamiliar individuals. 



Your cat wants something….but isn’t able to get it. It is basically a mix of excitement as well as frustration. 




This is such a peaceful sound, right? 

Cats purr when they are happy and satisfied or when they are sleepy. 


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