Did you know that your cat’s purr can have health benefits for you!? 

No, I’m not kidding!

The purr vibrations that cats make range20-140 Hz. These are therapeutic for many illnesses. 

Let’s take a look! 

  1. Lowering stress
    Petting a purring cat can calm you down and lower your stress levels

  2. Preventing a heart attack
    A recent study showed that cat owners have 40% less chance of heart attack

  3. Infections and swelling
    Purr vibrations help heal infections as well as swelling that you’ve been suffering from.
    Talk about Super-cat!

  4. Healing bones
    Frequencies of 100Hz and 200Hz are the second best frequencies that promote bone strength followed by the frequencies of 25 and 50 Hz. 

  5. Lowering blood pressure
    The BP is lowered by interacting with a cat and hearing the purring!

  6. Dyspnoea
    The cat’s purr is known to decrease the symptoms of dyspnoea in humans as well as in cats

  7. Healing Soft Tissue Injuries 
    The purr is also known to heal soft tissue injuries such as injuries to the muscles and the ligaments…

Who knew that owning a cat could be a health investment, right!? Go pet your purring kitty right meow!

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