Are you wondering why your purring little friend is suddenly licking you?

Cats licking their owners is not as common as dogs showering their kissed. That’s the reason it may come as a surprise or even shock for cat owners, when their cat is showering them with their extra kisses.

If you are one of them and wondering why your cat has become so affectionate, you’ve reached the right blog post.

What Your Cat is Trying To Tell You…

Cats are possessive animals with the need to mark their territory. If your cat is licking you, the number one reason is that it is deeply in love with you! Read on as this section of the blog post will tell you more…

In their kitty stage, mommy cats typically lick their kittens in an effort to clean them and mark them as her own. That is a habit that they develop to mark anything as their own. And if your cat loves you to no ends and feels secure with you, it will lick you the way it learned from mommy cat!

Basically, your little cat feels you’re like her baby and feels the need to keeo you clean and show it’s love. It may also happen if your cat was orphaned early and didn’t get its fair share of suckling, they’ll resort to doing it with you!

However, you need to keep a close watch on your cat’s actions and gestures. They may also hint at anxiety. If your cat is compulsively licking you, it is a good sign to reassure it with your cuddles and affection.

So It’s Okay, Right?

For your cat, unless it is a compulsively anxious habit, it’s fine. But for you, it may be hurtful. Cats’ tongues are naturally made to effectively lick off dirt from kittens and other territorial objects that they feel the need to keep clean. 

They have pappilae strong enough to act like a comb and may hence, pull or tug on your hair. As a result, when they are licking your hair, it may be painful or some strands may even fall off. 

Clearly, you have to maintain a lick free zone for your cat so that it gets the emotional support it needs, and you don’t get hurt in the process.

Enjoy the affection that your cat showers.

Do you have some crazy cat licking experiences to share? Feel free to drop them down in the comments section!

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