Having pets at your home gives you entertainment and company. Cats come and cuddle with you in your couch while the dogs also sit by your feet and cuddle with them.

Do the two enjoy being together under the same roof? Or they are always chasing each other?

This is something people have in mind when they’re thinking of getting a cat and a dog. In this blog post, we will go through everything you need to know about dogs and cats living together. 

Can Cats and Dogs Live Together Under the Same Roof? 

Yes, sure they can!

You can manage to live with a cat and a dog under the same roof. You might face a few problems where the two might fight over toys, territory, attention and other issues.

By nature dogs and cats can’t live under the same roof peacefully. However, there are some cats who tolerate dogs. You can have that cat that can play with your dog nicely without fighting.

However, there are some cats who won’t stand the presence of a dog.

You might have that kind of a cat which meows anticipating for a fight whenever your dog comes into sight. With such a cat, it is difficult to house a dog. The poor dog will be always at the receiving end with scratch marks.

Or the two will be always growling and threatening each other. You should consider some various tips to let the two tango and get along without scratching each other.

Catch Them While They Are Younger

Consider taking them in while they both younger.

Yes, you can have a kitty and a puppy at the same time. It might not be easy but the two might learn to live together better while they are young than introducing them to each other while they are bigger. 

Imagine being used to roam around the whole house without meeting any destruction.

Then boom, your number one enemy is the same room sleeping on your favourite mat. Your cat might not be happy with such a scenario. She will hate the dog for taking up its favourite spot. So it’s best to adopt the two different pets while they are both young.

They may learn to appreciate each other better and faster.  

How do you feed them?

Avoid feeding them together.

A puppy might be energetic and eat faster and in a rough manner in comparison to a cat. Dogs usually don’t like to share with other dogs, making it share food with a cat might be disastrous.

Likewise, a cat doesn’t want to be disturbed when having its meals. Make sure that you give them in different spot apart from each other to avoid starting a fight.

How do you entertain them?

Make sure that both of them get their time to cuddle and play with you.

You can entertain them separately.

Don’t force them to play together before having a strong bond. Let them create their bond on their own; with the time you can play with them altogether. 

What about their beds?

Make sure that they don’t sleep together or nearby. Your dog might sleep in a separate room. Never put the cat’s bed on the ground, the dog might occupy it and cause hissing and growling for a long time. 

Ground rules

You should identify the spot that the two different pets use the most. Having done that will save the pets from clashing a lot. Make sure you put the cat’s things around that spot so that it may enjoy its stay in the house. 

Summing Up

Monitor the behaviour  of your cat and dog when they are together. The cat might lose its appetite when it is stressed.

For those who live with both the dogs and cats under the same roof, how are you managing it?

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