Ever landed in a situation where your cat’s fun and games went wrong?

Cats can be stubborn as well as sensitive. In a situation like your cat climbing up a tree, your cat’s stubborn nature would give you a hard time and if it is sensitive, its fear will give you a harder time.

We have come up with some easy and effective ways that can help you and your cat out. 

 Read to find out!

Tried and Tested Tricks To Bring Your Cat Down

Tempt it: Your cat is probably stuck not because it can’t come down but just because it doesn’t want to! Keep its favorite food below the tree or a lower branch, a favorite toy will do too!

Call Out: Your cat may be having a panic attack for all you know, so try soothing its nerves and calling out its’ name, throwing a few commands that it may be used to hearing you say may also work. 

Lean a ladder: If your cat just can’t make its way down on its own, try getting a ladder or a tall, rough branch that you can lean against the tree and it can use to climb down.

Call for Help: By help I mean professional. Fire services, forest/garden keepers or anyone that might have some experience with the situation.

Avoid trying to get your cat down yourself, it can end up badly for both. Try to cushion the ground beneath the branch it is stuck on, in case your cat panics, misses foot and falls. Whatever happens, make sure you do not panic!

Your cat needs your calm self at this time!

Don’t hesitate to share any other interesting tricks that you may have to help in this situation. Our comments section is all yours!

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