Are you looking for an interactive cat toy for your feline friend? 

My cat is the laziest cat I know–so much so that she doesn’t evened anything when a ball is coming her way! She won’t even paw it away from herself. So, there have been many times that the ball hits a face and she doesn’t even care. 

Now, the problem is that if I don’t get my cat to play, she might start packing the pounds. Pet obesity is becoming a concern among cat parents, and I don’t want my kitty ti get fatter. 

In this blog post, I’ll share a cool floppy cat fish toy with you which will change things!

Our Floppy Cat Fish Toy!

If you have a lazy cat like I do, this floppy cat fish toy is just the right toy for her! The toy comes in the following variants: 

The fish starts kicking when it detects motion and stop when you cat isn’t playing with it. The toy is honestly one of the best investments I’ve made because my kitty actually plays with it and enjoys it. 

I now find my once lazy cat running around the house, stalking and hunting this toy, and I’m truly happy. 

I have the Clownfish, any my cat is just obsessed with it. 

To keep your kitty interested, the floppy fish cat toy comes with cat mint. So, if your cat reacts to catnip, she’ll show interest in this toy as well–isn’t that amazing!? 

What’s more, is that this toy is made using soft plush and PP cotton. It looks like a real fish, which is one of the reasons why my cat enjoys it so much. 


If you’re in the market for a floppy cat fish toy, I highly recommend this one. 

You can get it on the FreakyPet shop for an amazing deal.

Would you get a floppy fish toy for your cat? Leave comments.  

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