While some cats are awesome at taking pills and aren’t too uncooperative, it’s not really the case with all of them. 

Most cats hate having to swallow pills. 

But, you have got to give it to them, by hook or by crook. After all, it is for their own benefit, right? 

In this blog post., I’ll share how you can give your uncooperative kitty a pill. 

Let’s begin. 

  1. Hiding the Pill in Tuna: Everyone knows that cats love tuna and hiding the pill inside the yummy treat is the oldest trick in the book. 
  2. Try pill pockets: These cat treats have a hole cut out in the centre that allows you to place the pill inside it to ensure that your kitty took her medicine.
  3. Hide it: One of the most common tricks is to hide the pill in crushed cat food and pray that your cat eats it. This method is usually a gamble but is known to work more often than not. 

Do you have a special techinique that you would like to share about giveing your cat the pill? Let me know in the comments section! 

One Response

  1. 1. Trim claws
    2. Kneel on floor
    3. Wrap whole cat in towel except for
    4. Sit back in kneeling position placing
    cat between legs using legs to hold
    cat in place. Keep your feet together
    so cat can’t wriggle out backwards
    5. Tilt cats head by lifting chin and
    open mouth
    6. Use other hand to drop or place pill
    at back of throat
    7. Close mouth and stroke throat.
    8. If pill not swallowed cover nostrils
    with mouth still closed til you see
    cat swallow.
    7. Pour self a stiff drink

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