How do you know a cat’s shy?

Shy cats are pretty much like humans:

But don’t get them wrong. Shy cats are not necessarily nervous cats. Nervous cats are a wreck. These have been traumatized cats. They fly at the slightest movement or sound.How do you draw out these shy felines, when the rest are a rambunctious, greedy lot?

Some cats are born shy – no two ways about it.

When faced with a shy cat,  you can treat them well by:

Keeping a distance. Let them warm up to you. Give them time. Talk softly to them. Smile kindly at them. They can feel that. Sit down quietly as if unmoved, like a rock, in some quiet corner. Before you know it, they will look at you, sniff at you, circle you, and may even go very gingerly on your lap. No sudden movements, as they may just scurry away like rats.


Leaving food for them. Make sure you watch as these shy cats eat. Otherwise, the other tiny, more aggressive predators may just gang up on that yummy stuff. “Slow poke”, they’d say, and polish it off for themselves. Set aside food for the shy ones and watch them eat and give a disapproving look at the impatient, haughty ones. In the cat world, it’s eat or starve.

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