You might be having second thoughts whenever your lovely cat comes next to you to cuddle.

Having clothes with cat’s hair is clumsy. Not to mention, your couch and bed!

It must be a cause for concern if this is happening to your cat. Hair loss in cats which is also known as alopecia is common and can be caused by various factors.


What Causes Hair Loss in Cats?

Let’s take a quick peek at a few things that cause hair loss in cats: 

Health issues

Unbalanced diet and diseases may result in hair loss. Cat diseases like thyroid, cancer, diabetes or other undetected diseases can make a cat lose their hair. 

Hormone imbalances

Pregnant cat or the one that is lactating may lose hair due to hormone imbalances. Their hair can grow back naturally when the pregnancy and lactating stages pass. 


Cats shed off hair during moulting season. You shouldn’t be worried if you have a Himalayan or Bengal breed; they have genes that cause hair loss.

Stress and over-grooming

If your cat is stressed, she/he may scratch and lick herself causing hair to fall down. 

Medication side effects

Some medication may have side effects on your cat. Transdermal prednisone medicine that is usually taken to reduce inflammation causes hair loss to cats.


Your cat can be affected by fleas, larvae, fungal, mange, ringworms, and more. The parasite may irritate the cat’s skin resulting in hair loss as it scratches itself to soothe the pain.

What Can I Do to Stop the Hair Loss?

You may take your cat to a vet who may examine it to determine the cause of hair loss. X-ray, blood tests may be carried out to your cat to figure out any health issues that cause hair loss. The vet might give prescribe some medicines according to the condition of the cat. 

Make sure that you brush and bath your cat regularly to fight flea, ticks, and other bacteria. Give your cat healthy foods and balance its nutrients. If your cat is reacting to medicine; stop giving it.

Share your experiences about cat losing hair. How did you deal with it?

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