We all love our cats and for them, the same rule applies to what does apply to us as humans. You get out what you put in or being said in another phrase: You are what you eat. We care for nothing more than our furry companions to be in a healthy shape and we can easily mistake food, that we think, is good for us and thus must be good for them as well. But that is a common fallacy!

There is actually nothing wrong with feeding our babies with the regular cat treats. But do not be too generous with these treats, as they contain a lot of calories. Just feed them with simple household food, that turned out to be really healthy for our loved ones. 

Did you for example know, that onions, garlic and chives are actually poisonous for your cat…?

We have drawn this nice infographic from one of our friends, who is a Vet and knows well about the “do’s” and “dont’s” …



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