Do you think your cat is overweight or obese? 

Last week, we shared a blog post to help you determine whether or not your furry friend is overweight. Being overweight comes with a higher risk of your feline friend developing various diseases which may shorten her lifespan. 

In this blog post, we will share a few ways in which you can help your cat lose some weight. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Feed Her the RIGHT Amount of Food 

Did you know that most cats are fat because we’re feeding them too much?

Cats love their food and can coerce us into giving them more than they need–they head butt us, meow at us, and give us the old guilt trip to guilt us into feeding them. And, we always fall for those tactics. 

We need to ensure that we’re feeding our cats just the right amount of food that they need. 

You should consult a vet to determine the exact amount of feed your cat needs. The vet will help determine the right quantities by taking a close look at your cat’s age, activity level, medical conditions, etc. 

Are You Giving Your Kitty Too Many Treats? 

Keep in mind that treats are a way to encourage desired behaviors in cats when training, or most often to physically demonstrate love and affection. Most people give their cats too many treats during the day and wonder why their feline friend is gaining weight. 

The calories from treats also count so, don’t keep giving your kitty treats whenever she asks for them. 

Introduce Exercise to Your Cat’s Routine 

Does your kitty lay around the house all day, taking naps at the most random spots? 

Well, that’s what lazy cats do. 

And, it is this lazy behavior that’s contributing to your cat’s increased weight. One thing that you can do about it into produces some active time to your kitty’s schedule and play with your cat. You can also take her out for some walks! 

After all, a healthy diet and exercise are what it takes to help a kitty lose some weight.  

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