Do you have a cat that you keep inside and never let out to explore the world? Perhaps you would love to let your cat out but are scared of what might happen? Now, cats are very curious creatures and of course they would love to chase birds outside and climb on trees, but there are risks outside too.

Your cat can get into dangerous cat fights and get injured. They may even have an incident with a car not knowing the dangers that lurk on the road. They could get hold of food that may contain bones or poison.

For some, it’s just safer to keep cats inside. So, let’s look at ways to keep your cat as happy as can be inside your house:

1.      Get Your Cat a Friend

Many people assume that cats don’t really get lonely, but that is the furthest thing from the truth! Cats actually love company and when you are not around, they love playing with other cats. It helps get them exercise and helps keep them happy as they have their own friend to play with. Just be aware that no matter what gender of cat you have, it is best to spay and fix them so that less fighting will occur.

2.      Create a Tree House Within Your Home

No matter how big or small your home is, there are many cat trees you can buy. You can add scratch posts and strings with ball to these cat trees. Some cat trees even have hammocks where your kitty can lay and take a nap. The taller the cat tree the better. It’s also a wise idea to have a cat tree with many openings that your cats can climb into. You can even get a whole bunch of cardboard boxes, glue them together and create a “box oasis” for your cats. It will be absolute paradise.

3.      Make Sure There Is Always Enough Food


Cats are always hungry and require both soft and hard food. Make sure there is always enough food for them in bowls that are cleaned regularly. Make sure that their water is fresh every single day. Kitty snacks are also a wonderful treat – just make sure you always get a brand you can trust.

4.      Have Blankets & Cat Beds Available

Cats love to snuggle up in the winter and they can really feel the cold. Make sure to always have warm blankets to cover them and comfortable beds that they get used to sleeping in. If they lie in your bed and you prefer that, it’s ok too. Just make sure they always have a comfortable place to take a rest in. After all, cats sleep for most of their lives!

5.      Have a Clean Environment

You may not be aware of this, but cats are very clean animals and are very aware of bad odors and messy, dirty environments. It’s very important to clean out their litter box at least once a day and keep things in their place. Cats actually get very uneasy when things are in a different place every single day. They prefer environments where they recognize objects and are familiar with their surroundings.

There you go. Take care of your cats needs inside and they will be perfectly happy living in a safe, enclosed life!

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