Have you heard of the idiom cat herding?

It is generally used to suggest the lack of control and organization of entities going haywire. If you are wondering why your cute little pet’s reference would be given to such lack of skill, find out the answer below!

What Does Herding Have To Do With Cats?

Herding is a term that is commonly associated with cattle. It is a means by which a group of animals (especially sheep) can be brought together and organized in a group. 

However, common observation says that cats generally feel an aversion towards other cats which makes it incredibly difficult to herd them, and hence, the reference is used to express the lack of ability to organize. 

Herding Cats: Is It Even Possible?

Cats are by heredity, solitary predators. Mostly, they tend to stay isolated and avoid staying in groups as a natural instinct to stay safe and alert at all times. While studies show it is virtually impossible to herd cats due to these reasons, an exception is being seen among few.

Domesticated and trained cats show positive signs towards herding — in this case, even less violent behaviour can be considered a positive response. 

This shows that it may be possible to herd cats in future, with greater evolution and domestication, and maybe 1000 years down the line, one of your great-great-grandchildren will have the liberty to parent 10 cats together!

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