We all love how Catnip has weird and strange effects on our kitty friends. In fact, when you give your cat some, you know for a fact that it’ll make excellent video material! 

However, there are some things that you still might not know about catnip. 

…and some common misconceptions that you might believe… 

If you have been reading this cat blog for a long time, you know how I love to look things up about cats and share them with you. In this blog post, I decided to share a few things that you may not know about catnip. 

Let’s get started!

1. Only 60-70% Cats are Affected by Catnip

One of the things that most people don’t realize is that while some cats are clearly affected by the drugs, others really aren’t. This is all in the genes. 

So, no, your cat is not weird if she doesn’t react to catnip. 

2. Catnip is Equivalent to LSD and Marijuana Use 

Scientists concluded that the effects of its main compound, Nepetalactone, are similar to those humans experience from LSD or marijuana. A cat is able to use catnip in two different ways to experience different reactions:

3. Catnip is NOT Addictive

Rest assured, while Catnip does have psychedelic effects on your cat, it sure isn’t addictive. So, your kitty won’t go through withdrawals when you don’t give her catnip.

4. It Has Various Names

Catnip is also known as Catmint, Cat’s Plant, Cat cocaine, and Kitty Crack by people. However, don’t worry because it’s not actually harmful to your kitty’s health.  

5. It Has Three Popular Uses 

Catnip is commercially used in three ways: 

  1. In a crate which helps calm cats down during a journey 
  2. In cat toys to make them look more exciting and engaging
  3. On scratching posts 

Which of these facts about Catnip did you not know before? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I didn’t know catnip had different effects due to how it was used by the cat. One of my cats would roll around in it …like a dust bath. My other cat wasn’t affected by catnip in any form. Her “drug” of choice was carrots! Once when peeling carrots with my young daughter, peels fell to the floor. We looked down to see our Suzy rolling and nuzzling the peels. We especially think of her when preparing carrot soup for Thanksgiving. Sadly she is no longer with us.

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