Have you found this blog post after coming across a viral meme that has been doing the rounds on social media? 

Well, that meme is exactly why I am writing this blog post! 

Let me start this by confirming your suspicion. No, the x-ray on the meme is not real–that is not how a cat’s paw looks like under the x-ray. I would like to take this platform to discuss something serious. 

In this blog post, I will show you cat claw x-rays and what declawing your cat actually does. 

Take a look. 

Here’s What It Looks Like: Cat Claw X-Ray

Here’s what a cat claw x-ray actually looks like. The version you see on the meme is photoshopped. However, what’s more shocking is a declawed cat’s claw X-ray. Take a look for yourself. 

On the left, you can see the Xray of a declawed cat, while the cat on the right is completely intact and doing well. As you can probably tell, the x-ray on the left looks unnatural and weird. 

That’s because parts of the cat’s bones were removed in the process of declawing. 

In fact, declawing is a type of amputation instead of a simple “clipping” procedure. It is inhumane and alters a cat’s entire bone structure. 

Cats need their claws for hunting, protecting themselves from predators, climbing on things, etc. without them, they are defenceless. 

All in All 

What do you think go declawing cats? Leave comments. 

Did this blog post change your mind about declawing cats? Most of us aren’t given the right information when we’re deciding on what to do about the claws. I would recommend clipping your cat’s claws if she’s uncontrollable. 

However, there are several humane ways to deal with the issues. 

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