Do you enjoy free mangoes? 

Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits and I love eating them as often as possible. I prefer eating fresh, juicy mangoes. Of course, my cat is always curious about what I’m having and comes along to sniff around to see what’s going on and maybe get a bite if that’s possible. 

But, can cats eat mango? 

That’s exactly what I’ll be going over in today’s blog post. I’ll be going over everything you need to know about feeding your cat mangoes. 

Keep reading to know more. 

Yes or No: Can Cats Eat Mango? 

Looking up a food item before giving it to your furry friend is always a good idea. Our furry friends can’t eat a few foods that are safe for us to consume. In fact, some food items may even be toxic. 

Yes, cats can eat mangoes without any issues. 

This delicious fruit can nourish your furry friend’s body as it is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s a tasty yet nutritious treat for your kitty! 

Here’s the Thing About Cats and Mangoes

While mangoes are safe for your kitty to eat, they’re best when given as an occasional treat.  

Cats are obligate carnivores. 

This means that they do best when they’re given a meat-only diet as they get all of the nutrients they need from this.

In the wild, the only carbs a cat gets is from the undigested food in their prey’s stomach. 

Mangoes are high in carbs and sugar–two things your cat doesn’t need. They do provide your cat with some micronutrients, but shouldn’t be offered as a meal. You can add some fresh mangoes to your cat’s regular food for a nice change of taste. 

But, that’s about it. 

Feeding too many mangoes to your kitty can be bad for her health. 

Since mangoes are high in sugar and carb content, your cat may gain weight. They can also mess with your kitty’s blog sugar and insulin levels. 

Cats Can’t Taste Mangoes 

Do you think your cat enjoys the sugary treat? 


Cats do not have sweet receptors. So, they don’t really care for the taste of sweet treats like mangoes. It is best to stick to a diet of meat and vegetables. 

All in All: Can Cats Eat Mangoes? 

Did we help you find the answer to your question? 

Yes, mangoes are safe for cats to eat, but they are not the best treat for your furry friend. It is okay to give your cat some mango every once in a while as an occasional treat. 

Do keep in mind that individual differences do exist. 

A cat can develop an allergic reaction to almost anything (and, that too, at any point of time). It could be the same for cats and mangoes. 

Do you have questions about cats and mangoes? Leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you. 

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