Are you constantly in search of cat-friendly products that are safe and beneficial?

Here’s what you need to look out for!

Caring for your cat is a tedious job when it comes to selecting products with just the right ingredients. It’s natural for cat owners to be confused about what’s best for their furry little friends, particularly when it comes to healing.

Hemp oil or CBD oil has recently gained impetus as a prime healing remedy for cats and dogs.

It has been gaining popularity as a treatment for pain, anxiety or chronic illnesses alike.

However, it’s used still is a cause of concern for many pet owners, owing to its derivation from the cannabis plant that is infamous as the ‘marijuana plant.’

This blog post is going to help you out rest to all your concerns and confusions about the safety and benefits of hemp for your cats.

Keep reading to catch all the exciting stuff…

What Exactly Is Hemp Oil and CBD?

In this section of the blog, we have tackled some common misconceptions about CBD that will help you get a clearer idea of what exactly you are treating your cat with.

CBD refers to cannabidiol, one of the several derivatives of the cannabis plant. The CBD oil that is ideal for your cat’s consumption is, therefore, a natural and nontoxic cannabinoid liquid which has significant healing properties.

However, due to CBD’s association with Cannabis, it’s often mistaken to be similar to marijuana, and pet owners often have concerns that its consumption may make their cats high.

What’s important to know is that the same plant Cannabis Sativa has different strains with drastically different properties, despite the similar origin.

While some strains are used to make marijuana, others make therapeutically beneficial hemp.

Which means, CBD made from hemp, contrary to all your concerns, is completely legal, safe and can help treat several ailments of your furry balls of joy.

On the other hand, CBD made from marijuana can be extremely dangerous for your pets and can make them sick. This makes it increasingly necessary for pet owners to trust the only hemp-based CBD for any and every pet-specific use.

How CBD Hemp Oil Works Like Magic

In this section of the blog, we have highlighted the several benefits that CBD Hemp Oil has for your ailing furry friend.

The most used and trusted product of the CBD Hemp family is CBD Hemp oil that can be administered through ingestion. It can be given orally like medicines or mixed with food according to the required and prescribed amount of dosage.

1. Minor to Major Pain

It’s almost miraculous how CBD Hemp Oil has proved to work for humans, cats, and dogs alike when it comes to treating pain and inflammation.

Whether it’s joint pain, joint inflammation (arthritis) or nerve- related pain and bowel inflammation, CBD Oil served as the one-stop solution.

2. Epileptic or other kinds of seizures

It’s devastating to witness your cat having seizures and not being able to do anything. It’s even worse when you’ve done all you can, provide your cat with the most helpful drugs, to no avail.

That’s when CBD feels like a miracle. Some seizures are not treated by prescribed drugs because they are just not suitable for your particular pet. However, there is evidence that shows CBD has been successful in reducing seizures in cats or even treating them when chemical drugs can’t!

3. Shooing away Cancer

Sounds too good to be true? Although there’s no concrete evidence as to biologically how CBD hemp oil can prevent and help treat cancer, studies show that it is effective in keeping cancer at bay by preventing the formation and spread of cancerous cells.

4. Digestive Well Being

If your cat is bothered by gas or is hit by a wave of nausea, CBD will work its magic. CBD oil not only enhances digestive functions but also boosts a cat’s appetite which makes it a favorite among cat owners who are looking at a more general supplement for their cats.

5. Anxiety Control

Not only is this generation of millennials facing anxiety, but your cats can also be going through anxiety too! If your cats act out while traveling in car or plane, CBD is all you need to drive away from its stress and yours!

Oh, And There’s More…

If playing the role of a supreme healing agent was not enough, hemp has a lot more functions that can make you fall in love with nature for producing it!

Not only can you use hemp-based CBD oil for your cat’s overall well being, but also have hemp made products to make your life easier and your cat’s life safe.

Cat beds made from hemp are gaining popularity, while hemp made cat litters with odor absorbing qualities are gaining prominence. There is an increasing number of cat toys and collars made of hemp lining the markets as their texture and feel a cat’s instant favorite!

If you and your pet have benefitted from hemp in any way, do not forget to share your experience and knowledge in the comments section!

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