If you didn’t watch Tiger King during the quarantine, you probably had a productive one! 

Netflix’s Tiger King is a docu-series that went viral in early 2020, and people had a  lot of views on it. Let me just say that the series wan’t an actual documentary–it was more on the entertainment side. It had different characters and narratives like Reality shows do. 

Well, plot aside, the series was popular for obvious reasons. 

What’s Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens About? 

Carole Baskin runs Big Cat Rescue which aims to provide the best home they can for the cats in their care, end abuse of big cats in captivity. 

Hey all you cool cats and kittens” is how she would start off her Podcast. 

Thanks to the popularity of the show, the phrase has now become a trend–and Carole Baskin is banking on it (for good reason). She’s selling masks and the proceeds go to Big Cat Rescue. 

Summing Up

Did you watch Tiger King on Netflix? What did you think of it? Leave comments. 

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