Did you know that holidays carry a lot of hazards for your kitty?

It’s the season of snowfall and Christmas and a time when everyone’s merry and decorating their homes with the cutest decorations. Of course, cats don’t really show much interest in what’s going on instead of the occasional sniff.

But, there are a few holiday health hazards that cats are prone to.

In this blog post, we will go through a few things that you need to be vigilant about to ensure that you and your kitty have safe and happy holidays.

Let’s start!

Any guesses as to the leading cause of unwanted veterinary visits for cats during the holiday season?  

Christmas trees.

Christmas trees are extremely attractive to some cats but the problem is that they aren’t too stable which means that cats who climb the trees end up falling off of them and injuring themselves.

This disaster can simply be avoided by ensuring that you’re always there to supervise your kitty near the tree.


Wrapping paper is one thing that’s bound to grab your kitty’s attention if it’s got bows and strings.

In some cases, the chemicals used in the paper may be toxic to your kitty. However, if your cat decides to munch on wrapping paper, she’s at risk of getting a linear foreign body obstruction which means emergency surgery!

So, keep a close eye on your kitty.

Christmas decorations and wrapping paper attract your kitty—especially if there are a lot of balls, bows, and strings on them.

If your cat decides to explore and eat some of your decorations or wrapping paper, she’s at risk of getting a linear foreign body obstruction which leads to the obstruction of your cat’s small intestine and your kitty may even need surgery!

All this can be avoided if you ensure that your kitty is miles away from the decorations unless, of course, supervised.

Did you know that the fireplace wood and ash is unsafe for your cat?

This is a health hazard for you because if your cat decides to roll around in ashes, the entire house can be a mess! Not just that, cats sometimes think of ash as a litter box and trust me, cat urine doesn’t smell festive at all.

So, keep your kitty from the fireplace.

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